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Helping families resolve their legal matters.



Dissolution of Marriage

The process of terminating one’s marriage for any number of reasons.

Child Custody

 Child matters are broken down into two types, timesharing and parental responsibility.

Prenuptial Agreements

An agreement made between couples prior to marriage. The agreement determines how certain issues, such as alimony and property division, are treated during a divorce.

Child Support

Parents are responsible for providing financial support for their children.


The financial support provided to an ex-spouse to maintain the standard of living maintained during the parties’ marriage.

Asset Distribution

In Florida, all marital property is subject to equitable distribution; meaning that all assets and liabilities are to be divided between the spouses in a fair and equitable manner. 




Melissa was an awesome and great attorney. Time was never wasted when prepping and reviewing for my case. Melissa was very trustworthy, knowledgeable and a professional attorney. Melissa was highly compassionate, helpful and attentive to my legal information needs. I would definitely recommend Melissa to others. You will be very pleased with Melissa.

- Keri


Melissa helped me save my son's last name and resolve child support issues and past medical bill repayment. I could not be more thankful to her for her service. She was more than prepared for our meeting with the judge. She had all past case laws the judge referred to and asked to be presented with, whereas the respondent's attorney was lacking. I was proud to have her on my side. I have had two previous attorneys and she is the only one that was available for contact when I needed. She kept me informed of every step. I was never made to wonder or question what my case status was. I am thankful for her representation, I highly recommend her and I will look to her if ever I need representation in the future.

- Alexa


I hired Mrs. Smith as my lawyer and could not be more satisfied with her work. She is always easily accessible when you need to talk to her concerning your case. She keeps you up to date on everything and works hard to win your case. I highly recommend Mrs. Smith for any of your legal needs.

- Marybeth

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